2003-07-11 - Back in London

three beauties (sal, jen and cath) about to board the boat tracey and the spreading oakley affliction a view from marcin's and cath's bedroom a view from marcin's and cath's bedroom - i liiiiiike SW18 a little tipsy, wot how the hell do you use an iron? across the tracks.  near kyle's and alex's one bottle or four? aaah southfields who let the ladies out of the kitchen? legal aussie trouble is that hamish in the corner again? troglodites engineers three has someone been up to so good? brothers grimm certain mischief wait till you see my scar! lets play korea korea do you see panic in my eye? the glitterati let me out let me in ...anything you do or say can and will be used against you in a court of law... was there something in that punch? godamnit i have to get that hat back aaaaah the intrepid air-futball champion. carpet burns and all. nice aiiiiiiiii enrol me now!
hanging out with angelo even marcin sometimes has bright ideas polish dancers and who said horn rims weren't sexy?

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