Our top aussie host, Daaaan.  Hard at work from home. The view from Dan's and Kev's spot More view The quay trinity trinity trinity sunburn in dublin?!!! now, the square on the hypotenuse... did they plan this beauty, or did it just happen? how the hell do they do backto the office on a day like this? one day i will be the keeper of the gardens cow parade now this could easily be the maths building in uct Are you ready for the concert.  I cant help but notice the beautiful girl in the background! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Todays replacements will be Pipe, Trills and Merry. Simple but effective I am sure I can zoom in on his nose ...reach up and touch the sky.  Children of tomorrow can only try... Slinky effect The main ingredient of a guinnesss The main ingredient of a guinnesss The roof of dublin: the guinness factory Puck, Pipe, Trills and Merry, up to no good, I'm sure. now this is how you tour dublin the adventure proved too much for our fearless companion.  for now. on top of the world: with a flight to catch.
Schlenter in Dublinland Dan's secretary. even the trees are wise here funky shopping mall near st stephens green the entrance to paradise.  st stephens green the witching tree ...working their way along the shopping drag like hungry ants at a picnic a perfect dublin lunch Everybody likes REM

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